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# Work discussion 12-09-2017
Present: Jonathan Vis (JV), Pieter Neerincx (PN), Roan Kanninga (RK),
Gerben van der Vries (GV), Leon Mei (LM), Peter van 't Hof (PH), Mark Santcroos (MS)
## CoManage
- MS: Progress slow due to complicate nature of CoManage and maybe the limited time Gerben can spend on this.
- PN, MS will meet Gerben on Sep 29th at DTL meeting to touch base.
- MS will make a step-wise plan towards the end of the year on setting up CoManage with some check points.
## GoNL re-analysis
- PH performed all GoNL runs and concordance check with array data.
- PH also created QC tool to check concordance on readgroup level (to detect potential lane swapping).
- PN: we can also merge lanes from unrelated samples to check the concordance rate to establish a sort of false case baseline.
- LM and PH made a proposal of QC steps based on GoNL original paper. PN and RN will check and comment on this doc.
## Pipeline deliverables
- (28/02/2017) 5.5.2 REPORT + SOFTWARE - Document, test, and compare selected pipelines + frameworks (6 PM)
PN: Update scripts and add documents to by the end of this week for DNA pipeline (Molgenis, Ansible, Easybuild). Peter will share the link for BIOS pipeline.
- (31/08/2017) 5.5.8 SOFTWARE - Provide UI for monitoring and execution of large-scale analyses (4 PM)
Thomas is developing new version. Aiming at the end of this week. We will discuss this in 2 weeks and make a selection on one snapshot version so that we can plan finish connection from biopet.
- (30/10/2017) 5.5.3 MINUTES - Reach out to more local groups (2 PM)
LM will plan a focus meeting about lessons learnt in GoNL re-analysis and our project. On ansible, easybuild, docker galaxy. LM will contact Rob for this.
- (30/10/2017) 5.5.5 REPORT - Harmonized reporting and visualization of pipeline results (3 PM)
LM/PH will make a proposal about summary DB (covering QC metrics and meta data about results and pipelines) schema.
## Other
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