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# Work discussion 26-09-2017
Present: Jonathan Vis (JV), Pieter Neerincx (PN), Matthijs Moed (MM), Gerben Venekamp (GK)
Leon Mei (LM), Peter van 't Hof (PH), Mark Santcroos (MS)
## COmanage
- MS, PN explained what we are expecting from CoManage. Usecase 1, support user management on BIOS VM, MDB, etc. Usecase 2, access each other's infrastructure, e.g., HPC cluster. PN pointed out that there are new cloud infrastructures at NIKKEF, etc too that can be benefitted by CoManage.
- PN is setting a new cluster at UMCG and he is looking for using CoManage to manage users.
- GK set up a CoManage instance.
- MS tried CoManage instance at SURFsara but he can't use his LUMC account to log in. GK mentioned it is possible but looks like some updates are not communicated clearly. MM and GK will check what has been the technical problems.
- GK thinks demo of Usecase 1 at health-RI meeting is still possible. Some minimal changes at SSH conf at BIOS VM is needed (based on Rens' work).
- PN, MS will meet GK on Sep 29th at DTL meeting to test further.
- GK has 1 day per week now. GK pointed out that for some topics (like setting up Email server) he needs to get other expertise support. Which is sth may cause extra delays.
- Communication is key now and we cannot afford anymore uncessary delays. All communications will be addressed now both to GK and MM.
- PN will ask if Henk-Jan can join Friday's meeting.
- GK will send out invitation to (e.g., PN, MS) discuss about Science Collaboration Zone.
## GoNL re-analysis
- RN looked at the proposal of QC steps based on GoNL original paper. No additional comments. PH will continue with QC and draft deliverable of VCF call set.
## Demo on Dec 8th.
We agreed 3 demos for the pipeline part.
- GoNL new result (describing effort, speed, bammetrics, VCFstat plot, etc). Peter is working on the QC.
- Ansible script to deploy BIOS (biopet) and GoNL (Molgenis) pipelines. BIOS is ready and GoNL pipeline is pending. We will rename the repos. PN will make a first draft release of DNA pipeline script tomorrow.
- PIM viewer for biopet pipeline. Peter is working with Thomas from WP3 on this.
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