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# Work discussion 18-07-2017
Present: Jonathan Vis (JV), Pieter Neerincx (PN), Roan Kanninga (RK),
Gerben van der Vries (GV), Leon Mei (LM), Peter van 't Hof (PH).
## GoNL re-analysis
- LM: majority of differences caused by chunking; now disabled; still not 100%.
- LM: minor differences in the Java (8) version.
- LM: Test the difference on the Genome-in-a-Bottle sample.
- LM: Chunking is a trade off between accuracy and computational resources.
- PN: BWA output depends on the number of cores used.
- LM: Will test the quality of the NoC on the GIAB sample.
- PN: proposes a regular benchmark for bioinformatics across institutes.
- LN: will plan a meeting (with external parties) to discuss the lessons
- PH: > 190 trios analysed; within two weeks all the samples should be ready.
- PN: assessment of the QC needs to be performed; array data needs to be lifted
over from build 36.
- LM: makes a proposal for the QC.
## eLAN
## CoManage
- PN: No updates, will have a meeting on thursday with two admins; there seems
to be some activity at Surf.
## Ansible and Easybuild integration
- EGI competence centre: robustly deploying software was difficult, there seems
to be some movement there. Today they get a couple of VMs to test a virtual
SLURM cluster, the BBMRI environment will be deployed there. LM wants to
deploy the BIOS pipeline on the same system.
- PN: polishing the ansible together with GV.
- PN: federated ID is lacking on the EGI cluster.
- LM: Meeting planned on August 11th.
## Other
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