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# Work discussion 11-07-2017
Present: Pieter Neerincx (PN), Matthijs Moed (MM), Leon Mei (LM), Peter van 't Hof (PH), Mark Santcroos (MS), Jonathan Vis (JV), Gerben Venekamp (GV)
## COmanage
- Science collaboration zone meeting last Tuesday at SURFsara.
- Two COmanage env. One hosted by SURF centrally and one made by Gerben for BBMRI use case.
- Hands-on session at LUMC on COmanage between Mark and Gerben. We had some issue with account management (user ID mapping problem, e.g., between LUMC LDAP and COmanage). Discussion on-going at both SURF and LUMC side. Mark will also initiate the discussion at the COmanage mailing list. Since this should be a problem faced by other COmanage developer/users.
- Extension of COmanage functionalities (e.g., on APIs) might be needed. But won't be the focus right now. Sth for next year.
- Request workflow server alpha version:
- Pieter is testing the term&condition plugin of COmanage. A stable and freezed version of text is needed. Pieter put BIOS CoC on BBMRI BIOS wiki now.
- Mark/Gerben are preparing poster based on health-RI poster template.
- A potential demo idea: make BBMRI wiki SAML aware so that user can log in via COmanage. But R-studio server running at BIOS VM is more relastic.
- Pieter commented that using email address as user account name is a robust way forward.
## GoNL re-analysis
- summary level information will be released. Fix AC/AF. Remove genotypes.
## Demo on Dec 8th.
- (Poster) GoNL new result (describing effort, speed, bammetrics, VCFstat plot, etc).
- (Poster+Demo) Ansible script to deploy BIOS (biopet) and GoNL (Molgenis) pipelines.
- (Poster+Demo) PIM viewer for biopet pipeline. A bit now pending on Thomas work on new PIM's API. He will report back later this week with progress and we could make a decision about which version to demonstrate.
- Leon will start making the abstracts of these posters (together with WP3 members)
## Research cloud
- Matthijs is preparing demo/abstract.
# Work discussion 20-11-2017
Present: Matthijs Moed (MM), Leon Mei (LM), Mark Santcroos (MS), Jonathan Vis (JV), Gerben Venekamp (GV)
## COmanage
- GV to add UID/posixaccounts to be used by BIOS VM.
- MS to connect BIOS VM to LDAP once UIDs are in place.
## GoNL re-analysis
- No discussion on pipelines because of people's absence.
## Poster / demo on Dec 8th.
- Work on posters and demos has started.
## Research cloud
- No discussion.
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