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# Work discussion 06-06-2017
Present: Jonathan Vis (JV), Jeroen Laros (JL),
Rowan Kanninga (RK), Leon Mei (LM), Mark Santcroos (MS).
## GoNL re-analysis
- Issues with pipeline settings, have been resolved now.
- Documenting the actual versions of the tools that are used; the
headers/footers (backend specific code) are obscuring the logic.
- Testing on chr Y (genome in a bottle).
- Re-run GIAB sample (started).
- No X11 on shark for QC output (LM looks it to this).
## eLAN
## CoManage
- MS: waiting on Surf for the implementation of a secure transport mechanism.
- PN: what about robustness; no concerns at the moment.
- MS: Leiden does not have a test IDP.
- MS: will ask Surf about progress.
- JL: do we need a test IDP? PN: likes to see the integration with surf connext;
MS: IDP will not be the main issue, the workflow is the main issue.
- PN likes to have a roadmap from Surf; (JL and) PN will draft an e-mail.
## Ansible and Easybuild integration
- PN made an idempotent playbook, checking handlers now; progress is slow.
- PN playbook is ok, but could be improved upon.
- Playbook is on GitHub:
# Work discussion 20-06-2017
Present: Jonathan Vis (JV), Jeroen Laros (JL), Pieter Neerincx,
Roan Kanninga (RK), Gerben van der Vries GV, Leon Mei (LM),
Mark Santcroos (MS).
## GoNL re-analysis
- Test runs on different clusters using different frameworks.
- Discrepancies in the results, mainly related to read groups.
- Cause seem to be the sample sheet, conversion to Molgenis format failed.
- LM proposes to move on with the analysis, dropping the Molgenis framework.
- JL proposes to start with BioPet, giving Groningen the time to fix the
problems. Once everything is working, the Groningen pipeline can be used as
- RK and GV will review the dry-run logs of BioPet. LM will also give a log of
a real run.
- No X11 on shark for QC output (LM looks in to this).
## eLAN
## CoManage
- MS: TLS is reported to be working.
- MS: LDAPS functionality will be offered.
- PN asked about the roadmap from Surf, Irene asked about extra funding. We
agree that apart from the POC, the funding should come from NFU / SURF.
## Ansible and Easybuild integration
- PN: Improvement of the playbook is still on the list. No updates because of
all the work on GoNL.
- Playbook is on GitHub:
## Other
- On 23-06-2017 there will be a hands on session on Easybuild / Ansible.
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