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# Work discussion 31-01-2017
Present: Jonathan Vis (JV), Leon Mei (LM), Jeroen Laros (JL),
Pieter Neerincx (PN)
Starting Feb 1 Mark Santcroos will start in Leiden.
## eLAN
Operational between Surf, Leiden and Groningen (pinging works from Leiden to
Now a stress test should be conducted; random data (small and large files)
and/or data from the BIOS project.
## CoManage
CoManage is set-up at Surf and is ready for testing.
PN likes to use CoManage for account management on the newly ordered cluster in
PN wants to build an authorization workflow in CoManage.
## Re-run GONL
PN will recreate the workflow. Use GONL as a reference set for variant liftover
from build 37 to build 38.
## Ansible and Easybuild integration
LM proposes a hands-on session in February (week of the 20th).
Build the dependency graphs for molgenis compute and biopet.
March 16 meeting at Surf
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