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Use git describe to determine HAMLET version

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import os
import subprocess
from functools import partial
from os.path import dirname
from uuid import uuid4
import git
include: "includes/qc-seq/Snakefile"
include: "includes/snv-indels/Snakefile"
include: "includes/fusion/Snakefile"
......@@ -22,64 +21,11 @@ containers = {
# Get run name and pipeline version
def find_repo_tag(repo):
""" Return the tag of head, or the branch we are on"""
# First we try to find a tag
for tag in repo.tags:
if tag.commit == repo.head.commit:
return tag
# If that fails, we return the branch we are on, unless we are in a
# detached head state
if not repo.head.is_detached:
# If we are in a detached head state, we have to search which branch
# has the commit we are on
branches = repo.git.branch('--contains', repo.head.commit).split('\n')
# Cut of first two characters of the output of the command
# git branch --contains COMMIT_HASH
branches = [branch[2:] for branch in branches]
# Remove the current detached branch we are on
branches = [branch for branch in branches
if not branch.startswith('(detached from ')]
# If the current commit is in master, return master
if 'master' in branches:
return 'master'
# If the current commit is in devel, return devel
if 'devel' in branches:
return 'devel'
# Otherwise, just return any of the branches after cleaning up all
# special characters
# Replace space by underscore
branch = branches[0].replace(' ', '_')
# Remove all other special characters
branch = ''.join([c for c in branch if c.isalnum() or c == '_'])
return branch
def find_head_name(repo):
""" Return the name of head, or None """
except TypeError:
return None
repo = git.Repo(path=srcdir(""), search_parent_directories=True)
except git.exc.InvalidGitRepositoryError:
repo = None
sha = "unknown"
is_dirty = "?"
tag = None
sha = repo.head.object.hexsha[:8]
is_dirty = "*" if repo.is_dirty() else ""
tag = find_repo_tag(repo)
PIPELINE_VERSION = f"HAMLET-{tag}-{sha}{is_dirty}"
# Determine version of HAMLET from git
out = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'describe', '--tags'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
stdout, stderr = out.communicate()
PIPELINE_VERSION = stdout.strip().decode('utf-8')
RUN_NAME = settings.get("run_name") or f"hamlet-{uuid4().hex[:8]}"
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