Commit 019b320a authored by van den Berg's avatar van den Berg
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Update jinja template to use floats instead of int

This fixes a crash in the generation of the pdf report when there is
expression of the MECOM gene. If there is MECOM expression, the read
counts are actually floats, not integers, which leads to a crash.
parent 9a46725d
......@@ -21,9 +21,9 @@
{% for item in results.expr %}
<td class="text-left">{{ item.exon }}</td>
<td class="text-right">{{ item.count|show_int }}</td>
<td class="text-right">{{ item.count|show_float}}</td>
<td class="text-left">{{ item.divisor_gene }}</td>
<td class="text-right">{{ item.divisor_exp|show_int }}</td>
<td class="text-right">{{ item.divisor_exp|show_float }}</td>
<td class="text-right">{{ item.ratio|show_float }}</td>
<td class="text-left">{{ item.above_threshold }}</td>
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