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# sais-lite-lcp
Induced Suffix Array and LCP construction based on the SAIS algorithm
This is an ad-hoc-implementation of the code described in ["Inducing the LCP-Array"]( by [Johannes Fischer]( It is based on Yuta Mori's [sais-lite 2.4.1](, which is an implementation of the following paper:
Nong, G., Zhang, S., & Chan, W. H. (2011). Two efficient algorithms for linear time suffix array construction. Computers, *IEEE Transactions on, 60(10)*, 1471-1484.
The original version of the code can be found [here](
## Building and Running
To build use the makefile and to test the code use the suftest as described below.
./suftest <textfile>
Please notice that the *textfile* is required to be ended by a special sentinel value. Thus the last character of the text is automatically considered to be an unique character which is also the lexicographically smallest character.
###Version 0.0.1
+ Initial Release
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