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\title{Scripting for Life Science Researchers\\
{\large Introduction Practical}}
\item Download and use putty and the provided credentials to log in to the
education server which has the IP address \textbf{}.
\item Execute ``\lstinline{git clone}''
to clone the repository located at \url{} in your home.
\section{Number of machine users}
Get an estimation on the number of user accounts on the education server.
\section{Simple data processing}
Change your working directory to ``$\sim$/scripting-practical/introduction``.
Note that we will next use paths relative to this location. Some information on
the commands that you can make use of for this exercise can be found in the
\lstinline{} file.
\subsection*{Put things in order}
\item Create a file named \lstinline{world.capitals} that contains the information
present in the \lstinline{.capitals} files sorted according to the continent.
\item Remove all the previous \lstinline{.capitals} files (do not remove the newly
created \lstinline{world.capitals} file!).
\subsection*{Largest/smallest city}
Print the cities with the largest/smallest population from the \lstinline{cities.population} file.
\item Create a new directory \lstinline{europe}.
\item Create a new file \lstinline{europe.capitals} inside the
\lstinline{europe} directory that contains only european country names and
their capitals (the continent name for each country should not be present in
the new \lstinline{europe/europe.capitals} file).
\item Add another file \lstinline{europe/cities.population} that contains the
european cities and their population from the \lstinline{cities.population} file.
\subsubsection*{The Netherlands}
\item What is the largest city in The Netherlands by population present in the
\lstinline{cities.population} file.
\item Create a new directory \lstinline{europe/the_netherlands}.
\item Create a new file \lstinline{europe/the_netherlands/summary.txt} that
contains information about The Netherlands, such as the capital name and
the dutch cities present in \lstinline{cities.population} and their population.
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