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Add git revert

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......@@ -404,8 +404,17 @@
\prompt\ \gitcmd\ \cmd{checkout}\ \cmdarg{\{commit-id\}}\ \cmdarg{\{filename\}}
It's up to you to include this file into a new commit.
To revert a commit there is a special command:
\prompt\ \gitcmd\ \cmd{revert}\ \cmdarg{\{commit-id\}}\
Note that you will be asked to introduce a new commit message.
\subsection{Explicit not tracking}
......@@ -418,8 +427,9 @@
Other files are also not meant to be tracked:
\item Password-containing files;
\item Large files.
\item Large files - use git-annex for those.
You can ignore these files by listing their names in a file called
\cmdarg{.gitignore} in your repository directory root:
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