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......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
\item \textcolor{lecture}{Introduction}
\item \textcolor{lecture}{Git basics}
\item \textcolor{practical}{Practical 1}
\item \textcolor{lecture}{Colaboration: combining changes by merging}
\item \textcolor{lecture}{The git commit graph}
\item \textcolor{practical}{Practical 2}
\item \textcolor{break}{Lunch break}
\item \textcolor{lecture}{Colaboration: remote repositories}
......@@ -172,12 +172,12 @@
\subsection{Central repository}
% \subsection{Central repository}
% \begin{pframe}
% \begin{center}
% \includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{images/vcs_layout_central.pdf}
% \end{center}
% \end{pframe}
\subsection{Distributed repositories}
......@@ -308,13 +308,13 @@
\item Windows
\item Mac
once installed check Git version:
Once installed you can check Git version:
\item \lstinline{git --version}
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