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# Git introduction course
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The Git introduction course aims at everyone who works in the Bioinformatics
field. We cover a *version control system* named *Git*. This system is widely
used by software developers, but can also be used for project management. By
keeping track of all versions, history, etc. collaboration with colleagues is
easy and your analysis will be reproducible.

You can find the
[course website on our wiki]( This
repository contains lectures and practicals, written in LaTeX.

## Organisation

There is one submodule on which this repository depends.

- **[presentation](** template
    for presentations in LaTeX.

The **website** directory is for storing the compiled presentations,
handouts and program. A *Trac wiki markup* file contains the website
content. Uploading, updating and adding attachments can be done easily with
the [tracwiki]( program.

## Usage

After cloning this repository, fetch the data from the submodule by issuing
the following two commands:

    git submodule init
    git submodule update

([More on Git submodules](

A new presentation can be added like this:

    cd presentation
    bash ../mypresentation