Commit 26f20c5d authored by Beatrice Tan's avatar Beatrice Tan
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Removed unnecessary print.

parent 21956d3c
......@@ -210,9 +210,7 @@ def overlapping_pvalues(bed_file, parsed_results, plot_file):
r_pval = min(float(r_left_pv), float(r_right_pv))
if float(r_pval) > 0:
gpv = math.pow(10, float(g_pval)*-1)
rpv = math.pow(10, float(r_pval)*-1)
#pvals.append((float(g_pval), float(r_left_pv)))
pvals.append((gpv, rpv))
labels = ["P-value GISTIC2.0", "P-value RUBIC"]
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